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​Golden Grove Farm came into existence 30 years ago when landowners David and Nancy made it their permanent residence. They built a house, planted windbreaks, started edible landscaping, and spent five years growing organic garlic and potatoes. I was born in 1988 and have spent my entire life on this piece of land.  Now my partner Gabriel and I have built our own house here and, with the addition of our daughter Inez, have three generations living at the farm.


I have been interested in gardening and growing food for over a decade and have continuing interests in connections with nature, land, and place. In 2005 I became interested in livestock and purchased two miniature donkeys. This led to my interest in other species of livestock - namely sheep!  In early 2010, I purchased a flock of seven Navajo-Churros with my neighbors. We shared the cost of the flock, splitting the ewes and lambs while share-owning the ram.  We have been expanding our flock ever since with an eye to develop a healthy, registered flock of Navajo Churros in the Northeast.

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