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Golden Grove Farm's


(Brownie x Thor)

Beezly died in 2021 at the age of 10. He was a great sheep to have around and was always a friend to any sheep who didn't seem to quite fit in. Besides the hernia mentioned below, he also made it through knocking off two of his horns in fights, one of which left an opening that went right through to his nasal cavity and never sealed up. In the winter, you could sometimes hear it whistling!

Prior to his passing:

Beezly was our only flock wether for a long time...and also our most expensive sheep. He was one of the first group of lambs on the farm and when his contemporary was slaughtered, we decided we were too attached to do the same to him. (He won us over by allowing us to tickle him under the chin - what can I say, we're softies). Around the same time I noticed he had a large blunt impact hernia near his groin - probably from fighting with the boys.  Off to the operating table he went where they took care of the hernia and castrated him in one fell swoop - thank you Cornell Veterinary! His wool has never been good and comes off as a pre-felted rug each year. Alas.

Best Features:

  •  Friendly, people-oriented

  •  Every flock needs a wether holding things down

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