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Golden Grove Farm's

BERTIE (registered)

(Friday x Thor)

Bertie can be seen showing off her great resemblance to a small Ewok in the middle picture below. We have never again had a lamb that looked like that! While she was a very dark lamb who looked the same as all of our others (as shown in the first picture below), she lightened up much more quickly and is now a multi-colored tan/grey color. Her fuzziness greatly subsided as she got older, enough for her to be registerable. She has a large white tuft on her head that gives her a very winning look and we affectionately call her Bertie Botts, as in Every Flavor Beans. She has extra long-stapled wool that has become a beautiful mix of colors as she ages. She has struggled for two years with a skin condition that makes her very itchy, which we believe is mites.

Best Features:

  • Pretty fleece color

  • Friday's genetics

  • Grows very long wool - we now shear her twice a year

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