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Golden Grove Farm's


(GGF Suzy-Q x OWF Wilson)

b. 2021


I wonder, dear reader, what order you have been reading sheep bios in that has brought you to our friend Boris. I will tell you that I have been writing this recent batch in the order of Brindle, Tiffany, Aster, Clover and feeling less and less like a competent farmer with each sheep. So far, two I will not breed because one is sickly and the other has no anus, and two are wethers I have justified keeping because they are friendly and have wool I can dye. And yet, here is another wether I am adding to the flock. Hmm. But the trouble, you see, is that we named him Boris after the dragon in "My Father's Dragon" by Ruth Stiles Gannett, a book I love and am pleased to report I have now shared with a number of children. So now what are we to do? I find that my only answer is to point out that he has a lovely dark brown fleece that is a color I do not have much of and that may be prized by those who would like a raw fleece, or alternatively those who like our dark brown roving. Welcome to Boris!

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