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BRENNY (registered)


Brenny (Brennevin) hails from Jersey West farm in New Jersey. We drove down and picked her out in the spring of 2013 and are pleased to have her as part of the crew. She is quite ornery and has her own plan and she will often split the flock with half following the current flock leader and half following Brenny. She is our only sheep ever to have triplets, which is not what we expected as she is also one of our smallest sheep. Also, she's a jumper. While none of our sheep ever felt the need to go over even our lowest 3' fencing, Brenny did. Worse, she taught some of our original girls how to do it, making fencing more of a challenge. C'est la vie! She is bold, brash, and plucky. In 2020 she is 14 and going strong - no longer jumping fences, but still leaping with the lambs.

Best Features:

  • Nice coloring

  • Badger face

  • Long outer hair layer

  • Friendly

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