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Brindle, 3-8-20.jpg

Golden Grove Farm's


(GGF Bandit x unknown ram lamb father)

b. 2020


Brindle had a very hard start to life. We did not know her mom was pregnant and she got too skinny without extra nutrition in the winter. Brindle was the smaller twin and came out tiny with a problem getting milk. Since she seemed able to nurse and her mother was very attached, we did not think there was a problem ... until she went hypothermic and needed to be tube fed ... twice. That started a routine of leaving her with her mom at regular intervals and overnight but taking her around with me in a basket and tube feeding during portions of the day (she was not interested in a bottle, probably because she was still nursing). This lasted for about ten days, at which point she was able to go back with her mom full time. She still has a breathing issue when stressed and sometimes makes a funny sneezing cough, but she also is alive making absolutely beautiful long-staple wool! She is not very friendly (the ingrate!), but I remember holding her in my coat in the truck with the heat on high in the middle of the night and then experience joy that she is with us.

Inez and Brindle2, 3-8-20.JPG
Brindle 2020
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