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BROWNIE (registered)

**We made the decision to put Brownie down in the fall of 2022, just before her 14th birthday. She had had no teeth for many years and was having trouble keeping on weight even with extra care. The last of our original girls to go, it was an emotional parting. May she have moved on to lusher pastures.

Prior to her passing:

When we first started out, we bought a small flock - two mature ewes, a ram, and 4 lambs. Brownie and Penelope were the mature ewes and each have produced many fine lambs. Brownie was the matriarchal ewe in my neighbors flock for quite a while and then rejoined us here. We were pleased to welcome her back! She has had black lambs, white lambs, brown lambs, and spotted lambs. She is particularly valuable to us as she is unrelated to Whitey or Thor, although now she is gracefully aging and retired. She has an amazingly strong maternal instinct and we often put her in with the lambs during weaning as a grandmother figure. Our little sheep Brindle, who was born in Feb. 2020 and had a tough start getting going, adopted Brownie as her surrogate mother.

Best Features:

  • Very clear face, legs, belly.

  • Good confirmation

  • Produces beautiful lambs of many colors

Brownie 2020
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