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Golden Grove Farm's

ELSA (registered)

(Snowdrop x Thor)

Elsa was born during the winter of 2014-2015, which is hopefully our last ever winter lambing. It was very cold that winter and we were very proud to have 15 lambs born, all of whom survived. Because we have minimal infrastructure, this involved us checking on the sheep regularly, even throughout the night, to make sure we could move the mom and baby to a warmer enclosure immediately after birth. We caught Elsa just a little bit late and her poor little ears got badly frostbitten - hence the inspiration for her name. We did everything we could for them and she only lost a tiny bit off the tip. She grew into a fine all-white ewe of good size. Her looks remind me of her grandmother, Penelope, but with the size and clear legs/belly of her mom Snowdrop. She is one our least friendly sheep.

Best Features:

  •  Heavy wool producer

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