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Golden Grove Farm's

FELICIA (registered)

(Penelope x Thor)

When we started with sheep, our neighbors took more of the sheep in the fall/winter and we took more in the spring/summer as this is what our respective infrastructure allowed. Felicia was a surprise fall lamb born from Penelope at our neighbors' house (she is the lamb in the picture on Penelope's page). She inherited her mom Penelope's incredible friendliness and loves to be pet and itched; I think she would be happy to hang out with us all day. She is one of our ewes with horns, albeit little ones. She is now happily retired and we decided to keep her last ewe lamb, Astilbe (born in 2020).

Best Features:

  •  Attentitive mother

  •  Heavy wool producer

  •  Very friendly, people-oriented

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