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Friday was sadly only with us briefly. She came with Brenny from Jersey West farm and we loved her color genetics - a rich sandy cream color. One day as she was running out of the fence she ran straight into a pallet and her leg broke; I was standing feet away and saw the whole event. We had never had problems with pallets before and it hadn't occurred to me this was something that could happen. I called the vet immediately, but was not that worried at first. However, it turned out it was an open fracture. Apparently these don't have great prognoses. We did our best, but the leg got infected and we had to put her down. I wanted to keep her on the website though to keep her in our memory and because perhaps it will serve as a warning to others of a potential hazard. She was the first adult sheep we lost, so it was particularly poignant. Luckily she had produced one lamb in the time she was here, so we have a little piece of her living on in the flock in the form of her daugther, Bertie.

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