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Frisko, 10-2-18

Golden Grove Farm's


(Suzy-Q x Whitey)


Frisko was a 2017 lamb who was a wonderful color. He just didn't really seem to grow. We named him after a book we have by Rob Lewis, "Friska, The Sheep That Was Too Small." We tried various things to see if it helped him, but it appears he was healthy, just extra slow to grow. Ironically, he is no longer a small sheep! Rather large really. His wool has lightened up a lot over time so it is not the color I hoped for and has a tendency to mildly felt. Furthermore, he is hands down the most unfriendly sheep in our flock. So not my best call on a wether to keep! But I bet he'd have a chance at confusing a predator like a wolf, so maybe he lives up to his namesake yet...

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