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Keesha2, 10-2-18.JPG

Golden Grove Farm's


(Brownie x Whitey)


As Brownie began aging, we realized we better start keeping more of her lambs. It's hard to say what exact feature makes them look like her - possibly the nose - but it's different than Penelope's line and we like it. She seems to consistently impart a face and legs that are very clean of wool and also minimal belly wool. Keesha, like Creamsicle, her half-sister through Brownie, is a beautiful sheep and produced a gorgeous lamb in 2020. Her wool is short though, and we will need to see if it develops the length needed for registration. (Keesha is named after a Magic School Bus character for those in the know).

Best Features:

  •  Very clear face and legs

  •  Beautiful color

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