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**Penelope died the day after our daugther was born. She was a uniquely wonderful animal and I miss her positive energy every time I go out to feed the sheep. We are so lucky that our flock is based on her genetics!


Prior to her passing:

Penelope is our flock leader.  She is the matriarchal queen who keeps everyone in line and leads them to great adventure.  A mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, she remains spritely, often running the fastest, stomping the most, and jumping the highest.  Although she sometimes drives us crazy by not acting like a proper sheep, we count on her to teach the others that good things happen when you listen to us humans.

Best Features:

  •  Easy lambing, prolific

  •  Attentitive mother

  •  No wool on belly, face, or legs

  •  Lustrous wool

  •  Very friendly, people-oriented

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