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*Please contact me by email of phone if you are interested.  I am happy to email more pictures upon request.

*We expect ewes to be registerable at 1 year of age, but it is not a guarantee.

*Delivery is possible within a 1h radius (cost varies based on distance). Ask us about longer drives; if it's convenient, we may be able to!

Wether lambs:


0 available (as of 1/25/23)


These lambs would be great to buy as a backyard sheep for wool, or as a pet.  They are also a good choice if you would like to grow your own meat and raise a sheep for slaughter.  Navajo Churro meat is considered to have a great flavor - mild, sweet, and lean ( Please do remember that this is a slower developing breed, and is still considered lamb at well over 1 year of age.  To get the best yields, it is best to slaughter at 9-14 months.

Ewe lambs:


0 available (as of 1/25/23)

If you are looking to build a small flock, a few ewes are a great choice.  Ewe lambs will leave you the option to breed, whether to expand your flock or to explore dairy options such as homemade yogurt and cheeses.  Our ewes tend to be very friendly and make great animals for homesteads and backyard flocks.  They lamb easily and are very hardy, leaving you the option to breed with a Navajo Churro ram and register the offspring or crossbreed for hybrid vigor and the ability to incorporate desirable traits of other breeds.

Ram lambs:


0 available (as of 1/25/23)

Ram lambs should not be purchased as pets, but are good for meat or breeding.  Being intact should not affect the flavor of the meat and may increase the rate of weight gain and yield.

If you would like a ram for breeding, please contact us in advance as we castrate all ram lambs unless we know we have a buyer for them. This allows for the best possible outcomes for these sheep because they can be pets, flockmates or meat if they are castrated, whereas an intact male needs appropriate handling and cannot be a pet. We are happy to work with you to breed for the genetics you are looking for in a sire for your flock.

Adult sheep:


0 available (as of 1/25/23)

No adult sheep are for sale currently.


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