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Golden Grove Farm's


(Lily x Thor)

Squity was an accidental extra-inbred lamb. She was a very little baby and our first (and only as of 2022!) bottle-fed lamb. Even though we had to bottle feed, her mom never rejected her so she was able to stay in the field with the other sheep. Unfortunately she is not registerable, but we enjoy having her as part of the flock. Interestingly, she seems totally unafraid of our border collie, Mizar, and often tries to head-butt him away. This may show incredible lack of intelligence or a great strength of character - the verdict is still out. To summarize, she is a friendly, chubby, not-quite-sheep-like sheep.

Best Features:

  •  Very cute in a rotund, fluffy kind of way

  •  Amiable

Squit1, 10-2-18.JPG
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