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Golden Grove Farm's

TOUPEY (registered)

(OWF Penelope x OWF Thor)


**Toupey got skinnier and skinnier and was unable to hold weight, despite eating well. After a happy summer with the flock, I put her down before winter came. I decided to have a necropsy done and it was lung cancer, so it was the right call.

Prior to her passing:

Toupey is Penelope's daughter and was 2 months old when we purchased the sheep in 2010. She is now retired but is one of the high ranking females in the flock and was a great mom herself. Her previous owner named her Princess Toupée when she was born because of the large white spot on top of her head; we thought about other names, but that one stuck in abbreviated form.

Best Features:

  •  Easy lambing

  •  Attentitive mother

  •  Rich, soft handle to wool

  •  Particularly appealing looks

  •  Friendly

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