We purchased Whitey as a lamb with his mom, Brenny, from Rebecca Gunther at Jersey West Farm. Having a closely related flock, we wanted to expand our genetics and fleece colors. He is not at all friendly, to the point of being skittish. At first I thought this was a benefit because he never challenges us or gets close during feedings. However, he is very hard to catch for regular care, so in the end I think this is a disadvantage. However, he has beautiful wool and has produced lambs of all colors. I am very interested in color genetics of sheep but find them to be very confusing. With Thor, we only had black lambs, mostly with the two grey hills (TGH) marking pattern (white on head and tail tip). With Whitey, we have had white lambs, dark brown, and tan. The lambs from one mom can be a mix of colors too - we've had twins that were one black, one white or one dark brown, one tan all with Whitey as the sire.

Jersey West's

WHITEY (registered)

Best Features:


  • Very white wool with long staple length

  • Heavy wool producer

  • 2 attractive, symmetrical horns

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