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Located in the Fingerlakes Region of NY State


We breed registered Navajo-Churro sheep in the Northeast!  Whether you are interested in starting a Navajo-Churro flock, would like a few sheep to gather wool from, or would like to use sheep to help with landscaping, this could be a great breed for you.  Excellent for hobby farmers, homesteaders, permaculturists, and fiber artists.


We value land ethics and are commited to planning for sustainability.  We work from a management plan that was created with a focus on benefiting all of our property's inhabitants – people, plants, animals, and fungi – both in the present and in the future.  We include agroforestry, permaculture, silvaculture, and systems ecology principles in our management. 


  • Navajo-Churro breeding stock 

  • Raw fleeces

  • Roving

  • Yarn

  • Sheepskins

  • Wool dryer balls

Check us out on Etsy at!


Beautiful clip of wool this year! Get in touch for gorgeous raw fleeces.

It is not too early to get on next year's list for buying 2025 lambs!

2017 lambs
Reduced Website

Those who have been to the website before will notice that it is now a slimmed down version. I was already weary of participating in the trend of selling glamorized, Instagram-ready farming to the world and chose not to use social media. With the raise of AI, deep fakes, and ChatGPT, I am also no longer interested in maintaining as much of an internet presence. That said, I would still LOVE to connect with you in the real world as human beings, so please reach out to me by phone or email. I am always happy to talk sheep!

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