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All of our sheep make excellent backyard flock animals, although some individuals are more friendly than others. Ewes have the advantage of being able to give birth and expand your flock, while wethers can have spectacular horn displays (which also make for functional handles). We do not sell animals we find to be aggressive. If you are interested in raising a lamb for slaughter, we recommend a wether or intact male; we prefer to keep ewes for customers who are looking for breeding stock. We are happy to speak with you any time about what animals we have available for sale and what might be a good fit for you.


  • Registered ewes: $200-$250

  • Ewe lambs: $150-$225

  • Unregistered ewes: $150

  • Ram lambs: $150-250

  • Wethers/wether lambs: $100


We offer raw fleeces, stuffing, roving, batting, and yarn. Availability is inconsistent as it is based on time of year and wait times at the fiber mill.  We process through Stonehedge Fiber Mill (

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Approcimate PRICING

  • Raw fleece:

    • $5-10/lb for matted

    • $15-$18/lb for most

    • $10/4 oz for highest quality

  • Roving: $15/4 oz

  • Yarn :$24/skein (approx. 250 yds, 5 oz)

  • Stuffing sometimes available

  • Wool dryer balls: $5 per ball (also available locally at Mama Goose/Jillian's Drawers in Ithaca, NY)

**Email for a sample card!**

We sometimes have sheepskins available for sale. Please email or check our Etsy shop to check on availability and pricing as well as for current pictures.

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